Southwold Cricket Club News

Southwold Cricket Club enjoyed a successful 2013 season on the pitch. Whilst retaining their Section A status, they reached the semi final of the Cup and saw the further improvement of the Friendly XI and all three of their junior sections. In the immediate aftermath of the season there were some decisions made – some of which are outlined below.

Firstly, the decision has been made by the Committee, upon consultation with the players, to enter a team into the Norfolk Cricket League as of 2014. This team will have to start at the bottom of the bottom of the league – Division 8 – and will be expected to steadily climb through the leagues and become a real force to be reckoned with in Norfolk. The Sunday League team is not affected by this – we will compete in the MSC Cricket League as per usual. The reasons for the move to both Saturday and Sunday league cricket are plentiful: it gives league cricket to the numerous people clamouring for it; it broadens our net for more players and most importantly, it gives the 2013 U15 cricketers a competitive league to play in, as there is no higher age group for them to play in in their current league. The team will simply be known as the Saturday XI (whilst the Sunday team will just be the Sunday XI) – a point that is important to make, as there will not be, nor will there ever be, preferential treatment given to either team. Both are equally important to the further growth and success on the club. There has been no decision made on captaincy of this team, or the Sunday team – this decision will be made at the club’s AGM on the 11th of November at the Randolph Hotel in Reydon.

Following the success of the youth cricket, and the selfless work put in by all of the coaches, the decision has been made to create a new age group at U13 level. This has been done because of the huge demand from the local community, and the growing interest in cricket in Southwold. A huge amount of credit must go to the coaches, and particularly David Barbook, whose dedication has made this possible – and in doing so the near future of Southwold Cricket Club has been secured as we bring on a generation of cricketers. The undertaking of a new age group does, of course, bring its challenges – the coaches will now be stretched more than ever. This means that we need current and new members of the club to step up in coaching of the juniors during the week, a task that is hugely rewarding personally and important to the club.

Whilst there may not be any cricket this winter (outside at least – we will have Winter Nets in the New Year!) there are a number of events in the coming months that are important to the club and, therefore, all cricketers affiliated with the club.

  • Friday 5th October: fundraising golf day at Southwold Golf Club. We are taking sponsorships on holes, available at the bargain price of £50. So far a huge number of local businesses are on board – including Hughes Electrical, Mears Hobbs and Durrant, Savagewood, Norton Peskett and Barbrooks. If you’d like to sponsor a hole please get in touch with Alex Britten BEFORE THURSDAY 5PM:
  • Saturday/Sunday 6th/7th October: wicket work party. Clearly an important part of every cricket club and given the large number of games that will be played on it next summer, the work done to the wicket over these two days will be crucial. Remember how well it played last year? Let’s have that again. Bring your sturdiest shoes, your thickest sweater and a fork – and let’s get muddy.
  • Tuesday 22nd October: the next Committee meeting. Lots to discuss and decide upon, so if you’re on the Committee, please come. If you can’t, get in touch with the Secretary via the email address that you all have to give your apologies. If you’d like to have your say in the cricket club and come onto the Committee, get in touch with Trevor Clifford! 
  • Friday 1st November: our annual End of Season Awards Dinner at the Pavilion! Look forward to Heads or Tails, awards presentation, speeches and lots of great food and booze. IMPORTANT NOTICE: THIS IS NOT JUST FOR SENIOR PLAYERS. ALL JUNIORS AND THEIR PARENTS ARE ABSOLUTELY INVITED! Get in touch with the Chairman to find out more.
  • Monday 11th November: the AGM at the Randolph Hotel in Reydon. As mentioned above, we are using this to push the club forward and settle on the leaders and their deputies of the two clubs for next year. If you’d like to be considered as a future captain or vice-captain, keep checking your emails for word from TC. Also, the Randolph will feed us. Winner.
  • Friday 21st February 2014: a long way away I know but it’s important to get this out there early – we are going to have a WINTER SOCIAL TO RAISE MONEY FOR THE CLUB! Given that we only get to spend 5 or so months together a year it just made sense to make an event so we can see each other again in the deep mid-winter. Don’t worry, alcohol will ease it for us all. Discussions are ongoing as to the flavour of the event – but hopefully some kind of race night which, again, is open to the juniors and their parents.

Thanks for reading this – Southwold Cricket Club is depending on the commitment from all associated to keep going in the right direction.

Yours in essays,



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