Rain forces abandonment at Brantham

There was disappointment at Brantham as Southwold’s Sunday XI game was called off in the embryonic phase of the host’s chase after a heavy downpour resulted in the ground being unfit for action.

The shower was a sharp one and lasted about 30 minutes and came as Brantham had moved to 21/0 after 6.3 overs of their reply to Southwold’s 132/8 in 30 overs – the game already having been reduced by 10 overs aside before a ball was bowled. After a couple of inspections a boggy patch on the run up at one of the ends was the issue and it was agreed that the game would be abandoned.

Earlier in the day Gareth Gorst-Allman held Southwold together with 48 but received little support from his teammates. Craig Gorst-Allman, who hit 26 off 22 balls, was the only other batsman in the top order to reach double figures and it was left to the pair of Day Harvey and Steve Hines to hit late runs which could have proved vital to the cause. Harvey stood firm in the face of a fiery Jason Pembroke and his relative inexperience with the bat was not evident as he survived to ensure Southwold used up all their balls.

The run chase was looking interesting as Gorst-Allman and Hines were getting the ball to move around and spit off the pitch before the rain came and when it did it was a huge disappointment. Southwold’s attention turns to the cup next Sunday as they face Sudbourne Hall in the quarter-final.


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